Your Business Plan – Imperative for Success

Unlock Your Comprehensive  Business Plan!

Why do you need a business plan? Because, without one, you’re in the risky 80% where businesses fail. I’ve been there as a business plan instructor and loan advocate for women and minority entrepreneurs, and I’ve seen the stress that can be avoided with a well-crafted plan. Let me be your guiding hand in reducing stress and building trust in yourself and your business. Crafting a business plan will help you understand your business inside and out.

Our step-by-step business plan workbook, complete with financial components in a macro-enabled Excel format, is your essential tool for entrepreneurial success. It includes everything from a sample household budget to cash flow projections, empowering you to make informed financial decisions.

This comprehensive workbook is your roadmap to success. It not only helps you navigate your budget and forecasts but also guides you in seeking external funding. With practicality and ease of use, it’s your key to paving the way for business growth.

A business plan workbook is more than just a document; it’s a crucial step in truly understanding your business. Through detailed financial assessments, you’ll refine your ideas, identify strategies, and make informed decisions. These insights are the foundation of your successful business journey.

And when your comprehensive plan is ready, you can condense it into a concise one-page plan template. Most lending institutions now accept this format. This one-page plan captures the essence of your business, showcasing your unique selling proposition, target market, financial projections, and funding needs. It becomes your powerful tool to attract venture capitalists and investors, generating interest and support for your business venture.

Don’t wait! Take charge of your business’s future today with a well-crafted business plan. Download our workbook now and set yourself on the path to success!

The entire package is only $47 – worth thousands in saved fees from hiring someone else. Consultations are available, of course.

Here is a brief bullet-point summary for each module:

  1. Module 1 – Personal Feasibility & Budget:
    • Assessing personal investment feasibility
    • Identifying resources, skills, experience, and time commitment
    • Setting short and long-term goals
    • Developing a positive self-image​​.
  2. Module 2 – Developing Your Story – Executive Summary:
    • Crafting the Executive Summary of your business plan
    • Answering key questions about your business (What, Where, Why, How, When)
    • Writing the summary after completing the business plan​​.
  3. Module 3 – Industry & Customer Profiling:
    • Understanding customer demographics
    • Identifying customer preferences and buying behavior
    • Using tools like Focus Groups and Market Matrix
    • Developing customer profile surveys​​.
  4. Module 4 – Internet Research & SMART Goals:
    • Conducting business research on the Internet
    • Defining competitors and business demographics
    • Learning about Benchmarking, Competition, Differentiation, and Market Segments​​.
  5. Module 5 – SWOTT Business & Market Outline:
    • Developing a business and market plan
    • Implementing a step-by-step actionable plan​​.
  6. Module 6 – Start Up & Sales Forecast:
    • Planning for business start-up costs
    • Developing a one-year Sales Forecast
    • Creating Operational Budgets​​.
  7. Module 7 – Legal Structure-Pricing-Cost of Goods Sold:
    • Calculating sales prices for products/services
    • Developing cash flow projections
    • Understanding the cost of goods sold​​.
  8. Module 8 – Marketing Plan:
    • Developing a Sales Strategy and Business Image
    • Setting Promotion Objectives
    • Learning about Promotion/Advertising and Advertising Tracking Methods
    • Outlining Management Staff and Industry Experience​​.
  9. Module 9 – Bookkeeping Tools:
    • Introduction to basic bookkeeping
    • Understanding accounting and bookkeeping processes
    • Discussing tools like T-Account practice ledger and journal ent