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Transformational life coaching engages a holistic system, aware of its parts yet able to integrate and unify their purpose to reveal a prudent path.



Every Question has an Answer.

Are You Asking the Right Ones?

  • Do you feel like you are stuck in a loop ?

  • Are you struggling with questions about why you are stuck?

  • Would you like to get some help, feedback and potential answers?

transformational life coaching = chaos to orderAuthenticity and transparency are integral to garnering self-awareness. Noticing synchronicity around you increases awareness, the subtle hints reveal substantial insights. The butterfly passing the camera at ‘transform your life’ is a simple and striking example of how transformational life coaching can be for YOU.

Coincidence or Nature’s participation?

Click on the audio below for a brief explanation of how I can serve in the discovery of your prudent path. As part of our journey together, we’ll explore the realm of psycho-spiritual technologies, the methodology of how to best use your body, mind and spirit as a system. You can finish reading as you listen.

Transformational Life Coaching combines your self-awareness, intention and willingness for change with an action plan – goals with steps to reach them. We use leading-edge disciplines and modalities. Most of our clients are entrepreneurs who either want to become more innovative in their jobs, change careers or start their own businesses.

Zen has the expertise to assist and lead folks to achieving their dreams. You garner awareness, discipline, focus and the practical steps to achieve your goals and objectives. I speak science and spirituality, so I work well with both right and left-brain thinkers – creatives and engineers.

My Ideal Clients are

    • Male or female between the ages of 35 and 55
    • Solopreneurs or entrepreneurs with big dreams
    • Motivated to develop personally and professionally
    • In a leadership function (supervisor, business owner, team leader)
    • Imbued with a sense of humor and don’t take themselves too seriously
    • Committed to the time to focus on coaching and inner work
    • Conversationally capable & engage effortlessly with me
    • Available within my coaching schedule

Paying it forward … a breakthrough survey to start the transformational coaching process. Whether you hire me or not, this is priceless.

Some testimonials

Transformational Life Coaching 

What you can expect in 15 minutes

transformational life coaching - finding your way through the forest

Things can happen very quickly when you are poised, ready and willing to make a change to meet challenges in a new way. Our short conversation will cover your current desires for change and questions to help you discover your direction.

Our conversation will include some potential action items, soft or hard steps for you, and you can determine whether hiring me would be a good choice for you. Expect our conversation to last longer than 15 minutes. We have the option of bowing out if we’re not a fit.

At the very least, you’ll be challenged to think differently. Your commitment is to yourself and your future. Invest wisely. Reach out to schedule some time through our appointment link.

Here’s some information regarding our ethical standards.

I look forward to serving you.


transformational life coach - zen benefiel, dd, ma, mba, tlc

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ZERO to ONE – Making Our Way Toward a Conscious Civilization

Are we capable of reaching a Type I civilization in our lifetimes? It seems imperative for sustainability. How can we possibly get there? We are explorers in a new living awareness.

ZERO to ONE explores the internal aspects of our formation of reality and what we can do about making our way toward a conscious civilization as well. The bridging of science and psychology, even spirituality, is pending.