Your Business Plan – Imperative for Success

Who Needs a Business Plan?

YOU DO! 80% of businesses or companies without a business plan fail. Micro-lending is big now, and having served as a business plan instructor and loan advocate for women and minority businesses, I know the stress that can be avoided by crafting your plan effectively. A little hand-holding helps tremendously in reducing stress and building trust in yourself and your business. You’ll understand your business much better when you are done.

A step-by-step business plan workbook with financial components in a macro-enabled Excel format is a valuable tool for entrepreneurs. It includes a sample household budget, start-up expenses, operating expenses, payroll computations, sales forecasts, cost of goods sold, cash flow projections, income statements, balance sheets, and a purpose of loan section.

This comprehensive workbook empowers business owners to create a clear roadmap for their ventures while making informed financial decisions. By combining practicality and ease of use, it guides entrepreneurs through budgeting, forecasting, and seeking external funding, paving the way for success and growth.

A business plan workbook offers a logical and crucial step in understanding the development of a business thoroughly. Through detailed financial assessments, including sample household budgets, start-up expenses, and sales forecasts, entrepreneurs can refine their ideas, identify critical strategies, and make informed decisions. These insights pave the way for a successful business.

Once the comprehensive plan is established, entrepreneurs and/or business owners can truncate it into a concise one-page plan template which is offered by most lending institutions now. This condensed version captures the business’s essence, presenting key elements such as the unique selling proposition, target market, financial projections, and funding needs. The one-page plan becomes a powerful tool to communicate with venture capitalists and investors, generating interest and support for the business venture.

The entire package is only $147 and is worth thousands in saved fees from hiring someone else. Consultations are available, of course.

business plan workbook with Excel financials workbook