Mixed Media Collection.


Below is a great save from being booted offline during the presentation. The host was able to salvage a bit, and the Q&A session offers some insight and wisdom for storytelling in business.


I have a dedicated Amazon Author page that lists all of the books that I have written and co-authored with others on topics of self development, entrepreneurship, leadership, teamwork, and even ufology. These are great to have for ideas to journal as you go about your daily life and observe the changes within yourself. 

The Octopus Movement Podcast – Founding Member Series

The Change Zone with Gail McDonald and Susan Sneath, “From Concrete to Cosmic,” shares an insightful and wisdom-filled conversation.

New Thinking Allowed, with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove, a 28-year dream come true interview that will expand your perspective of possibilities for our future. Jeffery titled the episode, believing the conversation could move the needle from the facade of the ‘old world order’ to a new view of an emerging New World Order that is available to achieve in our lifetimes.