About Zen

Your Transformational Coach.


In 1988, I was inspired to register Be The Dream, LLC with the State of Arizona to address the personal and professional challenges I had witnessed in the workplace. At that time, I worked for a large aerospace manufacturing company and did something considered to be “alternative” – a daily mindfulness meditation practice. Although commonplace now, it was a rarity back then! This practice allowed me to gain insights and wisdom on how to be more receptive and productive in my professional and personal life. For example, in my mid-20s, I became highly skilled at getting individuals and organizations to work more efficiently together which resulted in always exceeding a $7 million monthly shipment goal!


Buoyed by my previous success, I then hosted and produced a public access television show called One World, with 120+ shows and over 200 guests in the 1990s, which is where ‘Zen’ became my moniker. Our goal was to explore many personal and professional paths, the relevance of inner and outer guidance, and how each person overcame their personal and professional fears during their ascent. We gave thousands of viewers an opportunity to learn and grow in their own personal and professional lives. Coming off a 30-year hiatus, I currently host One World in a New World, a show dedicated to sharing stories about accessing our inner wisdom and the practical and pragmatic applications found in the life.

During this time, I took a plethora of paths as the business grew – earning an MBA and secondary teaching certification while simultaneously managing six health club sales directors for Fitness Planet. Additionally, I coordinated the largest area (350 artisans & 20 food vendors) for the bi-annual Tempe Arts Festival and annual Fiesta Bowl New Year’s Eve Block Party with 250k+ patrons.

On a week break from University of Phoenix’s Secondary Teacher Education Certification, I was hired to run The Prophets Conference which drew 5,000 patrons. I also ran the scoring system for a corporate fundraising go-cart race company with events across the U.S. on weekends. One of the crew was an assistant principal and offered me my first teaching job, then I went on to teach high school for nearly a decade in several charter and district schools, with full charge of the high school curriculum at the charter schools.

Reaching an impasse with the educational system, I returned to school and earned a Master of Arts in Organizational Management, then wrote a business plan for a model school – light years ahead of its time. I continued to study how to create a more harmonious environment and better working relationships vi courses such as MIT’s (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) EdX and U-Lab programs, Presencing Institute and the Institute for Evolutionary Leadership. I’ve also completed coursework for Human Rights Consultant through the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights.

Utilizing this knowledge and incorporating my experience as an entrepreneur, I taught business plan writing and marketing classes at the university level, primarily serving micro-lending to women and minority-owned businesses, and worked with non-competitive business owner peer advisory boards since 2012. Additionally, I led entrepreneurial workshops for hundreds of people during the decade of the 2000s as well as facilitated Partnering Sessions for building, road, and bridge construction projects across the U.S. Working with the former, I saw what held entrepreneurs back in their businesses and helped them to see outdated patterns in their beliefs and thinking in order for them to become successful. 


If you have taken the time to read my story, you have witnessed my extensive experience with diversity, entrepreneurism, organizations, and systems and how to successfully navigate change. With that, I have also learned to tailor and specialize my coaching at the individual level as well, as many of my clients can attest. 

I consider myself to be a cognitive scientist who recognizes patterns in beliefs, thoughts, and actions and then reveals possible solutions that were not apparent before.  This coupled with my Hypnotherapy and Transformational Life Coaching Certification from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, I am here to use my gifts and experience to help you reach your highest potential. 

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