Transformational Coaching Endorsements

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Robin Johnson – Certified Spiritual Awakening Coach & Author

Zen is on a mission to help all of us become “excellent human beings”. I am honored and blessed by his presence in my life. As we each take on this challenge that Zen is promoting, then the world can change for the better. I am honored to work with Zen in this quest to bring “oneness” to the world for it is not only necessary but also vital for our sustainability.

Robin Johnson

Certified Spiritual Awakening Coach & Author

Christopher Smith, MD

Zen is an amazing individual who has great insight into wellness and learning. He is a dedicated professional who spends time getting to know you and also how he can help you to grow in your life to fully experience life!

Christopher Smith, MD

Physician - Amazon Best-Selling Author

Andrea Scarantino – Mindset Coach

Zen creates a space of harmonious being. He comes open, and through that openness, others give themselves permission to allow for just a little bit more vulnerability and flow than they did before. I have experienced a deep, visceral connection to myself in spaces led by Zen. I should also mention that Zen is fiercely intelligent, and prolific in his work. He’s extremely well-read, multi-talented, multi-faceted, and creates value in this world with a frequency that is astonishing.

Andrea Scarantino

Mindset Coach

Smart fellow! Great ally!

I consider Zen to be one of those superlative examples of what the human brain can store and serve up in unique and appealing ways at will on most any occasion or assignment. To say his range of knowledge and interests are “eclectic” is understatement. And this is what makes his services as a “possibilities coagulator” for his clients so valuable and exciting.


Dudley Lynch

President – Brain Technologies, Inc
Diane Wyzga Zen Benefiel testimony

I don’t praise lightly or often.

When I do offer praise, especially when it’s public, I make sure I’ve had the experience to back up my words. Over the course of a year or more I’ve had the opportunity to engage almost daily with Zen Benefiel on many platforms of intellectual rigor as well as transformational themes. Zen doesn’t think outside the box, he *is* outside the box. Creativity, imagination, insight, curiosity & understanding are a few of the tools he employs to get to the heart of the matter. Transformational Life Coaching requires a professional who has coached himself, done the inner work, explored the questions. Now that professional is primed to help you – as he has helped me and many others. Perhaps you’ll consider contacting him to have a Discovery Chat and learn is this is the fit for you.

Diane Wyzga, JD

Storyteller Strategist
Robert Gilman - Zen Benefiel testimony

Emissary from the Future

Zen feels like an emissary from the future, a time when many more people are at home with a wider scope of consciousness. It’s not an easy role to be in but Zen has lived it with openness, courage, humility and grace as an author, guide and transformational life coach.

Dr. Robert Gilman

Founder – Context Institute
Kim Sorrelle - Zen Benefiel testimony

Jump on Zen’s Bandwagon

Zen is amazing. His insights are beyond almost anyone I’ve ever known. He is down to earth but understands that there is so much more than what meets the eye. Zen asks thought-provoking questions that make you look deep inside and bring out previously hidden truths. Zen is a leader, a dreamer, and a world changer, the best possible combination. I recommend Zen to anyone looking to know more about themselves and the universe surrounding them. If you desire to make the world a better place, jump on Zen’s bandwagon.

Kim Langlois Sorelle

Author - "Love Is"
Mark Fortuna - Zen Benefiel testimony

The Best!

Simply put, you’re the best life and business coach I’ve ever experienced. Always stimulating my process and my path in life and business, you make things clear as you explain a multidimensional picture of life. You really helped and supported me in creating change in my life, nurturing and universally accepting of me. I’ve known a lot of people in my life, 25 years in the Insurance business, who claim to be coaches. They don’t hold a candle to you, Zen.

Mark Fortuna

Independent Insurance Agent
Jackie Woodside - Zen Benefiel testimony

Outstanding Contributions in Personal Development and Coaching

Zen is a highly skilled and experienced coach who has a wealth of knowledge in various areas such as mindfulness, meditation, and leadership. He is passionate about helping others achieve their full potential and provides practical tools and strategies that can be applied in both personal and professional settings.

Jackie Woodside, CPC, MSW

TEDx Speaker, 4X Best Selling Author

Highly intuitive, empathetic, personable

Seldom does one meet someone who can be called, “friend” and “spirit guide” breathlessly in the same sentence, but Zen fits the bill. I had a chance to work with him when I was the liason to the local learning & development chapter he captained, and even then, I knew Zen was a cut above. Highly intuitive, empathetic, personable and possessing a zest for knowledge and helping those around him, working with Zen in any capacity is an experience that will enrich your life immensely.

Geoff Woliner

CEO - Winning Wit

Zen Sees Things On Levels That Most People Do Not

Zen helped me sift through my thoughts and goals so I could better achieve them. He helped me to expand my awareness for things within me and around me and use them as guides in daily living. Zen is extremely intelligent and sees things on levels that most people do not.

Katie Van Kral


Massive Inner Transformation

Zen brings a level of human revolution seldom experienced in traditional world. His presentation skills are exemplary, as can be witnessed by his many successful campaigns and product launches. Zen is also technically proficient and down to earth. He is able to connect to and inspire broad audiences. His guidance for me has always left me high-spirited and well educated for my daily success in decision making at all walk of life. Zen is a consummate professional and passionate individual who can be counted on to help plan carefully and thoroughly, to mobilize the needed resources and to motivate you for great results with a massive Inner Transformation.

Sunder Rajan

IT Network Engineer

zen benefiel tranfsormation - transformational coaching - possibilities coagulator

Transformational Coaching Ignites Opportunity – Change Starts Within

Zen Benefiel, MA, MBA, TLC, DDiv

Are you a corporate refugee looking for the next phase of your life’s fulfillment?

Are you experiencing a longing for ‘something else’ in life?

How would your life change if you had help to explore your personal and/or professional potential?

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Transformational Coaching: Discover Purpose & Ignite Your Spark

(Zen understands the trepidation in exploring coaching. Schedule a call and ask questions.)

Welcome to Be The Dream Coaching. I’m Zen Benefiel, and our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to unlock their full potential and achieve their dreams.

First, with over four decades of experience, I have honed my skills as a transformational catalyst. As a result, my journey has earned me the moniker ‘possibilities coagulator,’ a title that reflects my unique ability to serve up knowledge and insights in unique and appealing ways. Above all, I serve my clients with honor and respect of their potential and with complete confidentiality.

Next, at Be The Dream Coaching, we believe that everyone is capable of achieving far more than they imagine. We’ve concluded, through our experience, a simple step toward a dream can set in motion a cascade of support from unexpected sources. In essence, our specialty lies in creating empathetic and generative conversations that inspire insight and inspiration, propelling you toward your goals and dreams.

Half Inside and Half Outside

In addition and because of our experience, we recognize that true success encompasses both inner and outer worlds. Tranformational coaching is the bridge. That’s why we specialize in bridging that gap, delving into emotional intelligence and interconnection. Our passion lies in facilitating ‘deliberate’ creating—making the process not just productive, but enjoyable and insightful.

Whether you’re an individual seeking personal growth, a business aiming for transformation, or an organization looking to foster innovation and adaptability, we co-create and nurture experiences that empower you to thrive. Our goal is to help you embrace a world where dreams have no limits. Anything is possible to those who believe and focus their attention, intention and interaction on the process, with guidance.

At Be The Dream Coaching, we invite you to explore limitless possibilities and embark on a transformative journey. Reach out to us today, and together, we’ll help you achieve your aspirations.

The next step is yours. Have a preliminary conversation, free of obligations. Schedule your free transformational coaching consult today. Do you have a dream? Be The Dream… YOURS!


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