Zen Benefiel CV

transformational life coach zen benefiel

Zen began Be The Dream in 1988, carefully crafting an answer to the personal and professional challenges he had witnessed in the workplace, a large aerospace manufacturing company. He incorporated ‘mindfulness’ in his daily practice even then; rare in the workplace. Now it is gaining attention the world over.

Zen continues to study how to work together better through courses like MIT’s (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) EdX and U-Lab programs and the Presencing Institute. He teaches business plan writing and marketing classes at the university level. He’s worked with non-competitive business owner peer advisory boards since 2012.

Zen has proven he knows a lot about people, places and things and how to get them to work better together on a number of assignments throughout his professional career as a partnering facilitator, faculty instructor and more. He earned an MBA in Project Management, MA in Organizational Management and Secondary Teaching Certification  – He is a Phoenix. He also earned Hypnotherapy and Transformational Life Coaching Certification from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

Zen Benefiel is a bridge between many worlds as a result of his experience, utilizing leading edge practices and wisdom from many industries and paths. As a digital renaissance man, he builds and manages websites, too. Click on the GoDaddy Pro image to find out more.

Skill sets:

  • Business Consulting – Facilitated over 200 small businesses, mostly women and minority-owned, to create business plans, receive micro-loans and establish operational procedures and processes
  • Sales and Marketing – Accomplished 45% market penetration increase in 13-state territory. Trained sales forces in health foods, software sales, loyalty programs and home improvements
  • Supply Chain Management– Accomplished 20% reduction in military spares shipments in 12 months; logistics coordinator for events drawing 250,000 patrons; coordinator/manager for city council candidate
  • Educating, Mentoring and Coaching – secondary and adult learners
  • Television Producing – host, producer, procurement coordinator and media buyer
  • Desktop Publishing – brochures, j-cards, posters, newsletters, presentations – published author
  • Public Speaking – motivational, DIY instructional workshops, organizations, municipalities
  • Audio/Video Production – professional quality voice overs, commercials, testimonials

Personal Accomplishments:

  • Authored 18 books and 2 workbooks; built 18 websites and created 5 blogs.
  • Conducted over 300 private coaching sessions for various individuals and small business owners.
  • Created program and managed logistics for several indoor learning events including the 2010 annual Valley of the Sun ASTD conference. Coordinated speaker, venue and vendor arrangements.
  • Coordinated logistics and operations management for large outdoor events including Tempe Arts Festivals, Fiesta Bowl New Year’s Eve Block Party and Arizona Bike Week that drew around 250,000 patrons. Excelled at problem-solving and vendor/site relationship management.
  • Facilitated exceeding $7 million monthly goals for shipments of commercial aircraft assemblies and spare parts. Instrumental in reducing military spares delinquencies from 27% to less than 7%.
  • Crafted and delivered business plan writing curriculum, complete with workbook and instructional presentations for on-ground and on-line classes for an internationally renowned healing arts school.
  • Presented small business curriculum classes to over 200 entrepreneurs, conducted coaching sessions and arranged professional speaker/presenter events. Curriculum included over 60 modules of small business-focused information from advertising to time management.
  • Conducted social media training classes for over 100 clients and small business owners that included developing campaign strategy and implementing action plans with specific hands-on instruction and training for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter as well as personal blogs.
  • Facilitated an entrepreneurial support program for over 100 – focusing on advertising, marketing, networking, social media and website development.

Completed Graduate Studies:

MA in Organizational Management, University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ – 10/03

MBA in Project Management, University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ – 2/97


  • Life Coach Certification, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Tempe, AZ – 8/04
  • Secondary Teacher Certification, University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ – 11/98
  • Desktop Publishing Certificate, Aztech College, Tempe, AZ – 8/92
  • BS in Business Administration, University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ – 11/89


  • Speakers Resource Organization – Board of Directors – Web Developer
  • ATD – Valley of the Sun Chapter – 2008-11 Board of Directors, 2010 Conference Chair
  • IANDS annual international conference presenter – 2010
  • International Association of Facilitators – Member
  • World Futures Society – Member
  • Allied-Signal Aerospace Company – Give Once (GO) Club Board of Directors
  • Representative DeMolay, Medal for Saving a Human Life – International Order of DeMolay

Insights of Others:

Zen thinks, studies, learns, then he communicates, communes, and facilitates primarily to help people and institutions. He provides consulting, support, and creativity far beyond the expectations of the most demanding clients.
Jack Dermody, retired, City of Phoenix

Zen is an exceptionally well qualified facilitator and manager of group processes. He is very effective watching group participants to ensure they are engaged and draws people into the process. He is very open, an excellent communicator…
Stephen Clarke, retired, M.A., P.C.C., B.C.C

I consider Zen to be one of those superlative examples of what the human brain can store and serve up in unique and appealing ways at will on most any occasion or assignment. To say his range of knowledge and interests are “eclectic” is engaging in understatement.
Dudley Lynch, President, Brain Technologies Corporation

Zen Benefiel is a man of great ideas and passion.I had the opportunity to bring him in to work with a staff of 15 people for Team Building. He did an outstanding job ~ so much so we still use the information as a benchmark for communication.
KC Miller, Founder/Owner, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

Citizen involvement is crucial to the decision-making process and I commend your efforts with the Indian School Heritage Park development.
Paul Johnson, Mayor – City of Phoenix

.. is a rare find in education… he has a ‘calling’… his belief, creativity and compassion add value to students as learners and people.
Angela Budde, English Teacher, Trevor Browne HS

…offers fresh ideas, creative problem solving techniques… exercises leadership when necessary to accomplish group goals… substantial contributions toward success.
Dr. Charles Wiley, Faculty Member, University of Phoenix

…works well with others …ability to effectively communicate his thoughts on a wide range of topics….impressed by the degree of sensitivity and enthusiasm. 
Cay Randall-May, Ph.D., Faculty Associate, Glendale Community College

…very resourceful and creative …communication ability and concern for the community makes him an asset for any organization.
Julia Zozaya, AZ Special Projects Coordinator, United Latin American Citizens