What is “TRUTH”? Where does it come from? Where is it located?

What is “TRUTH” ? Where does it come from?

As a transformational life coach, these questions seem to be on the top of the list for clients. They all know there is a source, somewhere, and they want desperately to tap into it. The questions came up for me in a recent interview with Gunhild Lorenzen, a Transpersonal Psychotherapist from Brussels, Belgium.

Inner or Outer, Belief or Open Mindedness, Level of Experience

It depends on the individual’s frame of reference, I suppose. Some choose to qualify ‘truth’ as something they’ve been taught or read in a source they feel is valuable. Some choose to adhere to a belief system they’ve learned from respected religious teachers. Others choose to suspend their belief systems and prior learning when seeking truth, holding a few opinions as possible during the process.

what is truth? transformational life coaching and professional servicesIn the latter, I find that truth often is perceived from the depths of experience one has relating to the previous inquiries and understanding from prior learning. We grow in our depth of understanding, even when the same ‘words’ may come in answer to the questions we pose. A recent high school graduate will have a far different understanding than their parents, for instance, even though the question is the same.

For me, Truth bridges science and spirituality in most cases. It has a ‘sense’ that resonates with my heart and mind, sometimes it even tingles throughout my entire body, like a warm fluid descending from the top of my head down through my feet. Most people have some kind of visceral experience when ‘truth’ comes to visit their thoughtmosphere, often unexpected and without fanfare.

Where does ‘truth’ come from?

Truth comes from a place deep within us and resonates when we find it. How we find it changes over time, based on our ability to ask better questions. Each question, of course, has the answer within it and it always begs more questions in my opinion. 

Exploring what is truth comes from genuine inquiry into what makes us tick; how our form, fit and function relates to the world around us and the not-so-often referenced worlds within us. Inner and outer realities seem to have this urge to merge in nearly everyone I’ve spoken with who consider themselves truth seekers. There appears to be something built into us, a natural system of inquiry and reflection about life.

Where is ‘truth’ located?

It’s located wherever we find it. In finding what is truth all, or at least some of our senses are involved in perceiving it in the moment it arrives. There is a symbiotic ‘click’ between inner and outer experience as well. Depending on the level of awareness one has, signs of it can be as simple as noticing a sound or a sight or a smell or a feeling.

Synchronicity plays a big part in the question/answer/resonance process. Things like a subtle sensation on our skin or a quiver in a muscle or an awareness of a tingle or twitch somewhere in our body. It might be a phone signalling a notification for something. If you use different sounds for notifications, each may mean something different if you’ve created that in your reality.

The most important thing is to learn to trust the subtle signs that reveal your experience of truth. At first, it might seem illogical or even crazy to consider such subtle indicators. There are far more shiny objects to consider, bells and whistles that are vying for our attention. Try it. Experiment and explore the possibilities.

Explore what is truth for yourself with Zen’s workbook: Cosmic Conundrum: What Am I, Really?