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Every Question has an Answer.
Are You Asking the Right Ones?

Transformational life coaching engages a holistic system, aware of its parts yet able to integrate and unify their purpose to reveal a prudent path.

Do you feel like answers and solutions are ‘right there,’ yet just a little out of reach still?

Are you struggling with questions about multiple concerns, goals and matters in life?

Authenticity and transparency are integral to garnering self-awareness. Noticing synchronicity around you increases awareness, the subtle hints reveal substantial insights. The butterfly passing the camera at ‘transform your life’ is a simple and striking example. Coincidence or Nature’s participation?

There is wisdom in understanding consciousness as a system. Today’s transformational life coach is a new millennial shaman, guiding you to your own prudent path with non-traditional methods of engagement. It’s a journey few take, yet the benefits are priceless. There is a lot of information here to peruse, helpful to the discernment of your prudent path. Life’s a puzzle. We put the pieces together.

Click on the audio below for a brief explanation of how I can serve in the discovery of your prudent path. As part of our journey together, we’ll explore the realm of psycho-spiritual technologies, the methodology of how to best use your body, mind and spirit as a system. You can finish reading as you listen.

new millennial shaman, transformational life coach, 15-minute conversation - help finding your way
We are generally aware of how we feel in the moment and at least some of what we’d like out of life. Everything we need is inside our mind, body and spirit. We may know this truth, but we don’t know how to access it – the critical questions.

That’s were my special sauce comes in; the ability to guide the journey through the humility of awe and the expansiveness of love, like a new millennial shaman of sorts. Transformational life coaching uses a multi-disciplinary approach to increase your awareness of the process [engaging your inner wisdom] and how to use it for practical results in your life, play and work. I apply these skills in monthly small business peer boards, too.

For the devout seeker of a prudent path, it’s often a matter of getting lost in the forest and not being able to see the trees. The techniques we use are simple, yet profoundly effective. We use a survey, unlike any you’ve taken, to reveal how you feel and think. It initiates the coaching conversation with honor and respect. Everything is confidential, of course.

The survey provides a wide view of you, noticeable in the types of questions and your capacity for depth in answering them. The deeper you go, more thoughtful your answers the more your awareness grows. And, that is just from the survey. It’s my way of paying it forward. Try it out.

Transformational Life Coaching Process

new millennial shaman, transformational life coach
Engaging the survey yields intensely vibrant rapid fire realizations that will cause you to pause in a moment of pure awareness. You’ll feel your own brilliance, far from the fetters of ego. Integrating people, places and things in alignment with your goals transforms ego to wego.

We’ll also design an action plan that will warrant deeper reflection, flexible to manage details and objectives as they become more clear. Each session we’ll revisit the action plan, reveal stumbling blocks, build some bridges and pave the prudent path for implementing your next session’s goals and objectives.

During the transformational life coaching sessions, you’ll be guided to reflect and respond on how you feel, how you think and what you believe. You will notice the subtle changes in your awareness – purposeful pauses to embrace those moments when the unknown becomes known. You’ll accomplish more in less time than you can imagine. When you’ve got clear goals, objectives and strategies and a process to implement them, you win.

The conversation allows us to align the above with a prudent path, practical and pragmatic. An action plan emerges with people, places and things aligned with your goals. Astute small business owners find the process refreshing, garnering a new living awareness. The capacity for business productivity increases, not to mention joy and happiness. The latter is good for everyone.

So, what’s my special sauce?

new millennial shaman, transformational life coachSuccinctly… education, life experience and vulnerability. I’ve had a unique life that has nurtured the quest for knowing self and understanding best practices of form, fit and function in the world. I’m driven to understand the depths of how science and spirituality cross-reference each other in applying psycho-spiritual technologies. You will be challenged to think deeper, reflect on your beliefs and build upon what you know to be true.

I earned a MBA, MA in Organizational Management and Secondary Teaching Certification. I am a certified life coach and hypnotherapist. I’ve had leadership roles in aerospace manufacturing, public education, public and private events, theater production, corporate training and development. I facilitate pre-construction partnering sessions for the DOD, Homeland Security, Port Authority, National Park Services and Federal Highways Administration.

I’ve hosted radio and television shows in three-year stints, over twenty years apart. I produced events and conferences with as many as 5,000 in attendance. I’ve learned how to facilitate people, places and things to get things done with everyone enjoying the process. I’ve authored over a dozen books, too. I was divorced with four children and 30 years later married the woman of my dreams, falling in love for the first time.

Becoming a Transformational Life Coach…

transformational life coach, new millennial shamanIn 1988 I devoted my life to personal growth and changing the world, creating Be The Dream. I had my own personal tragedies turned triumphs, garnering awareness. Early on, I challenged myself to go deeper than anyone else in the workshops I attended. Click the Awareness graphic to explore resources for you.

I read volumes of works from leading-edge explorers and pioneers in self-awareness and the personal growth industries at the time, testing the techniques and integrating what worked for me. I’ve been a magnet for people in need, so developing the skills seemed prudent. Perhaps that magnet is what got you here now. The universe leads us when we let it.

Every role I took often felt like standing in chaos at times, pausing because of a complex problem that required resolution with no easy answers. I always knew order could be achieved and  leading the conversation toward recognizing common goals created harmony. There is an art and science in that, hard to learn and comes natural to a few. I call the process ‘jobarchy,’ where the job is the boss and everyone wins, a process philosophy.

Now in my 60s, still behaving like I’m 20 at times, I have the benefit of the wisdom garnered from the plethora of possibilities I made real in my personal and professional life. Being able to interpret that and share the the key elements of the process ignites and inspires my transformational coaching relationships. I invite you enjoy the benefits, too.

There is more to Your story…

transformational life coaching
Life coaching is like having a new millennial shaman at your disposal. Being able to peer into the depths of what keeps you afraid, angry, ignorant and immobile is key. Transforming each of those areas into fearlessness, joyful exuberance, amazing awareness and the ability to take action in the moment empowers you.

The transformational coaching process is non-hazardous although sometimes habit-forming, leaving out the distortions and distractions that normally occupy our minds. Reports are the process feels amazing, leaving you with your head spinning and heart pounding with clarity and excitement, inspired with renewed passion for your life and work.

Transformational Coaching isn’t for everyone. Only the most intelligent seek it out. Did you know less than 1% of the population uses any kind of coaching? Where do you want to be? We all need someone in our corner.

Some have better skill at supplying guidance and support.

Recommendations on LinkedIn and Testimonials (not including Google) are available on a variety of services. Keep in mind that not everyone likes to be transparent on the web. A Transformational Life Coach is a new millennial shaman, who practices what they preach and who possess a skill set on-call for virtually any given-moment. Trust you’ve found the right place to start and reach out to me.

“Do you have any idea how rare it is to find this kind of genius — a distinguished guru who is a Gandhi-esque idealist and who also happens to have his feet firmly planted on the ground? Unfortunately for Zen, he cares so intensely about the core of his work that he has become a guru – a creature of both earth and space —  whose work ought to be studied by concrete, action-taking followers and broken down for the rest of the world to understand and act upon.” ~ Jack Dermody – Four Corners

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