Resources for Self-Awareness Checks

Are you familiar with Socrates’ admonition – Know Thyself ? How well do you really know you? Are you willing to explore your awareness of self?

Now this might seem foreign to some, but assessments and surveys are a natural part of the human resource function in business today. Why not take that wisdom and apply it to ourselves. Whether you believe they are valid, it surely doesn’t hurt to investigate their validity for you, right? Just because we don’t believe something does not make it not true. That is an interesting perspective many of us refuse to acknowledge.

Below you will find links to charts, readings and reports for astrology, numerology and tarot. We selected some that are respected resources. We’ve also included personal assessments, such as Myers-Briggs, DISC, Enneagram Four Colors and Kolbe. Each has benefits for you to review your view of self, based on your answers to questions. If you are honest, you’ll see a great deal of congruence and even some challenges you may not have realized yet.

Astrology – Start with your Birth/Natal Chart

Numerology – A variety of intriguing reports.

Tarot – A little spooky action at a distance.

DISC – See what your natural and adaptive selves are like.

Enneagram – What are your possible personality types?

Four Colors aka True Colors – How do you respond to others and you environment?

Kolbe – What is the natural way you take action?

Myers-Briggs One of the old standards for personality assessments.

Some others to explore…