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Over the last few months I’ve been participating in a number of conversations online as well as on Zoom (a video platform for online meetings). The nature of the conversations is about learning how to listen and respond from the present moment. The folks involved are from around the world, most of them involved with U.Lab and functioning professionally as entrepreneurs, business owners, change agents (interim CEOs), and social change advocates. The level of experience is amazing and I’m humbled to be included with such dynamic and progressive people.

I’m warmed by the sharing of thoughts and inspiration to be change agents for the transformation of what I know as our ‘planetary civilization.’ References to it abound in indigenous cultures throughout the world, neglected by the ‘western thought’ that seems to be locked into the idea that we have ‘dominion’ over the Earth when, in fact, we are ‘stewards’ that have heretofore been diminished by the louder voices of capitalism and greed. We are all on the hero’s journey.


The Mayan Calendar, along with a half dozen others at least (Aztec, Chinese, Egyptian, Hindu, Hopi, Sumerian) portrays this time as one of the emergence of consciousness. According to some references, there is a 50-year window as we shift from the Piscean to the Aquarian age. It began in August of 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence, reached the apex at the Winter Solstice of 2012 and proceeds to 2037 where, perhaps, we enter a Type 1 Civilization on the Kardashev scale. Others portray it from their POV; Aurobindo, Ballard, Blavatsky, Blanchard, Campbell, Keys, Maynard, Maxwell, Marx-Hubbard, Scharmer, Senge and countless more.

Simply put, we have a rise in awareness (personal/planetary/professional) that leads to understanding holistic systems (ego to eco or ego to wego) and an ability/capacity to extend that awareness back into the existing systems, which is the second phase occurring after the 2012 Solstice. The first few years are obviously a little wonky as we grapple with articulating and implementing this understanding. The co-presencing activity process and u.lab fits this scenario well. In this scenario, it doesn’t matter what is happening off-planet. We can only deal with what is in front of us here, now. How we do that is critical, an imperative notion to become ONE in the diversity present.

Moving Forward

Analysis paralysis can and does stifle the process. Imho, we seek FLOW… like Csikszentmihalyi’s Psychology of Optimal Experience – what is it? How do we determine it? Does it come from a place that naturally resides within us, like Otto states about the co-presencing; or, but it’s all around if we could but perceive, as Graeme Edge states. Symptomatic notions are indeed in process of transformation as we continue to find solidarity in discussions about NOW and its effect on the future. Deep listening only matters when we are asking the right questions, first.

We are engaged in a state of self-actualization and self-realization simultaneously – a work-in-progress mirrored by our outer realities. If we question where we are, a quick look in front of us will give us amazing answers. Even as I type, my thoughtmosphere expands to include a repleteness of infinite intelligence working behind the scenes, the unseen hand that we all know and experience as serendipity and synchronicity in our lives… driven by the desire to be ONE in an individuated form, a perfect thread in the tapestry.

Seeing with New Eyes

Observation is a reflection of lens we look through, whether we choose to see connection or discord is up to us. If everything is connected and we see discord, then perhaps we see need to see with new eyes and speak with a new voice. Granted, the most challenging place to be is connected and silent. There is an old adage… to know, to dare, to do and to be silent. In a state of ultra-connectedness, the ‘voice’ of one can and does emote through others.

Perhaps the indefensible thoughts of others are what is coming up now as we witness the world in change and become the re-framers of conversations toward things that matter. It seems there are so many attempting to say the same thing and so few recognizing and weaving them together as reflections of the process. So long ago, in a state of oneness and yet individuated, there was a sense of unanimity that I’ve sought to share my entire life. What I see now, some 40 years later, are those who also have such a notion that it exists and can be experienced in the physical world today.

Can we see with one eye?

Can we feel with one heart?

Can we think with one mind?

Can we live as one on Earth?

I believe the answer to each question is a resounding ‘YES’ and we all are contributing to that circuitous process. I also think we need to imagine ourselves as more than human, at least in the limited sense we seem to want to engage. Just my two sense. 😉

I’ve chronicled my more in-depth exploration in Stubbing My TOE on Purpose.


One of the most challenging aspects of sitting in meditation is being able to watch your thoughts without becoming engaged by them. It doesn’t mean we ignore them at all, although some we may need to at times.

The process provides us with the opportunity to be more mindful, aware of our manor of thinking which allows us to then move beyond it. The freedom of no anticipation seems contrary to the Law of Attraction, yet is it really?

Is there a difference between intending or knowing?

Can anticipation and letting go reside in the same moment?

I get questions about how to meditate often. This provides some simple direction…

Whether you’re flexible enough to sit cross-legged on a traditional cushion—a zafu—or prefer to use a chair, aim to be stable but relaxed, banishing any tension in your body. There’s a four-word Zen saying that sums up alignment: belly forward, buttocks back. The chest is out, the head is up, chin slightly tucked in.

Ears line up with the shoulders and shoulders line up with the hips. Rest your arms on your lap with one hand inside the other to form a mudra—an oval with the thumbs barely touching—or place your hands lightly on your knees. Then don’t move!

As you wrestle with the notion of sitting still, your mind will no doubt be busy. Just listen…. and sit still. After a while, the mind will begin to calm down on its own, just sit still. You’ll notice you can begin to observe things, your thoughts and other things, without being distracted in your thoughts.

It may take a while to reach the point of observation, hence the practice. For more advice - befriendingadvanced meditators who like to journey inside occasionally, I recorded a guided journey that combines an old process, called Multi-Plane Awareness, with the 9 Solfeggio frequencies and have been getting great results – You Tube version or To Own It.

The benefits of meditation are well documented, and include a greater sense of well-being, compassion, patience, calm, plus an improved immune system, a more flexible mind, and a sharper memory. The only thing you need to do is show up every day and sit. Start with five minutes, move to ten, then on to twenty-four, a nice round number. Set your stuff up in a quiet corner of the house; burn incense; use a meditation bell app on your phone for beautiful tones. Whatever it takes.