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Career Coaching is both challenging and rewarding for coach and client. As a coach and writer I could craft a brilliant pitch to lure you in. I think that is a waste of my time and yours. You are looking for someone that can help you take the next leap in your career. I can do that. I’ve helped many others. According to LinkedIn Career Coaches in Phoenix, I’m #1. The screenshot below, which you may have seen already, is proof of their algorithms at least. Your results are more important, though.

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I have a direct and valuable experience in many industries and can offer things others just aren’t able to demonstrate. I also have Master’s degrees in both Business Administration and Organizational Management with a certification in Transformational Life Coaching to accentuate my delivery capacity. Working with aspiring and intelligent people is inspiring and rewarding; their success, even moreso.

Career Coaching

Getting you from here to there will take some crafting, do-diligence and performance only you can accomplish. I’ll be working right there with you, offering keen insight and helpful suggestions you may not have considered. You success is our goal. Confidentiality is a given. Our work can be done in-person if you are local or via phone, Skype or Zoom.

I research a lot so I can share tasty tidbits with clients. One such tasty tidbit is a transferable skills checklist. It would be advantageous for you to study it as you craft your online presentation, especially on LinkedIn, so that recruiters and/or professional connections can assess your compatibility with their needs.

I do well for most professionals, given my experience in numerous industries and functions. I listen well and can offer honest feedback, give alternatives and help you make the necessary changes if necessary. The job search includes several areas in the process and if one of them is askew, the rest do not matter.

The best view of you in career coaching comes from a cathartic process, one that gets you to dig deep with your convictions and future vision of yourself. It is the basis for the work we will do together. It is numerous pages full of questions you might not think of asking yourself, yet are most critical in determining your self-awareness and direction. The survey alone is priceless.

Some may want to practice interviewing skills in behavioral situation answers, such as with the STAR system for interviewing. What is the STAR Method for answering tough interview Questions?

The STAR method is :- SSituation, background set the scene; TTask or Target, specifics of what’s required, when, where, who; AAction, what you did, skills used, behaviours, characteristics; and RResult – Outcome, what happened?

The career coaching process takes as little as a month, no longer than 90-days for results. A single session lasts for 2-3 hours and 2-3 hours prep time for me. The cost is $295, mid-range among coaching professionals as you’ll find, with better deliverables. The 30-day program consists of the survey and weekly 2-hour sessions. If you mention ‘Special‘ you’ll get an extra 2 sessions.

The 90-day program cost of $695 can be a one-time payment or budgeted ($750) over 90-days at $250/mo.  Our program includes 2 sessions per month and availability by phone in emergencies. Session cover deliverables and check-ups on your weekly goals.

Career Coaching Key Deliverables – $395 – 30-day (weekly, bi-weekly, 30-day)

  • Resume assessment and rework if necessary
  • Help with filling out applications if necessary
  • Work readiness criteria screening (existing profiles on job sites)
  • Review and discuss transferable skills (checklist above)
  • Crafting profile that fits your personality and features a professional appeal
  • Completion of a comprehensive Employment Assessment  (Survey)
  • A Career Scope Orientation (Survey results discussion)

Career Coaching Deliverable – $795 – 90-day (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)

  • Above plus…
  • Interpretation of formal and informal assessment results (Free Assessment links in Survey)
  • Introduction to career exploration tools and resources (primarily LinkedIn)
  • Information on the local labor market to help identify a career pathway (how to search)
  • Development of a Success Map – identification of short and long-term employment goals
  • Action Plan for achieving goals based on Success Map
  • Completion of a post orientation Customer Service Satisfaction Survey
  • Industry-specific Mock Interviews if required (recorded for review)

Scheduling will occur after invoicing and payment is received or can be determined before payment. Session will not occur until Survey is complete and returned. I’ll need 24 – 48 hours to assess Survey and schedule our appointment.

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