Books by Zen Benefiel

A few books by Zen Benefiel, the coach, all designed to take you on a journey in self-awareness, growing to know the secrets inside your mind and heart you’ve kept from yourself. Perhaps not, though Stubbing My T.O.E. on Purpose got this review from Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove, one of the foremost authorities on leading-edge knowledge and thinking:

Zen Benefiel, literally, takes us with him on his journey from drums to conundrums. His mind is facile as he weaves a narrative ranging from deep within the esoteric/ufology subculture to lessons of marriage, family, and business life. He draws upon archetypal psychology with a particular appreciation for the creative godhead archetype. If you read this book with an open heart, you may find yourself discovering new vistas of your own.

Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD

Host, New Thinking Allowed YouTube channel

Speaking of dreams, the interviews with Jeff were a 28-year answer to the dream of someday being worthy of an interview with him. He and Bill Moyers were my inspiration when I began hosting One World in 1990. It again proves that with attention, intention and action our dreams can come true.

It took over ten years to write the first version of the book, and several more to edit again, reducing it from nearly 700 pages down to around 500.  It was published under the new title in December of 2017.  In August of 2018, Jeff reached out via another website to share an interview he thought our audience would appreciate. I shared my book a few emails later and an invitation followed. How could I refuse, right?

Through that and reflecting on other similar events with shorter gestation periods, a manner of activity emerged and apparently is repeatable. I share some of the methods in the books below; new and improved stuff isn’t in print yet. I keep discovering and learning more about attention, intention and action.

transformation - a guide for change
ZERO to ONE Cover
GOD Participle
transformational life coaching
Stubbing My TOE cover rev 2