Transform Relationships Through Personal and Business Coaching

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The Short Version: After being orphaned at birth, adopted, and then experiencing a near-death experience in college, Transformational Life Coach Zen Benefiel developed an intense curiosity about his connection to the world. He studied that connection in his free time until an opportunity arrived to host a television show exploring people’s journeys, fears, and successes. He continued on that path to become a life coach, using his eclectic array of knowledge and modalities to help clients feel empowered and inspired to work toward self-actualization. Zen offers transformational life and career coaching to individuals and couples, as well as business coaching to corporations.

He works with clients of all backgrounds, but there’s something most have in common. If you want to transform relationships, you’ve got to be authentic, honest and transparent from the beginning. Would you like to meet with someone that is not even close to how they present themselves in their profile? NO… so don’t do it.

“I’ve found that online, few present themselves authentically. Why not share the best, worst, and what we’re working to improve first? It’s a radical change in behavior for most, but it works surprisingly well.” — Zen Benefiel, Transformational Life Coach on honesty in online dating profiles

“Most of my clients are looking for a change — a rather large one — to realign their lives with passion and purpose,” Zen said. “Sometimes it’s as simple as a career change and realigning skill sets that they may not know they have.”

He’s also well-equipped to help clients who need dating and relationship assistance because Zen can empathize with their struggles.

“I’ve found that online, few present themselves authentically,” he said. “It’s always tough to reveal ourselves to others — in a broad sense. We want to be our best selves, but often, we’re embarrassed to share things upfront. Why not share the best, worst, and what we’re working to improve first? It’s a radical change in behavior for most, but It works surprisingly well.” He also encourages his clients to meet people in public, introducing themselves even if it makes them uncomfortable.

When it comes to working with clients who are struggling to find love, Zen said he encourages them to empty the desire, since that’s what he believes usually keeps their connections at bay.

“It’s like pushing and pulling energy with our emotions and intentions,” he said. “It doesn’t bode well for finding flow, which is the natural progression of having someone enter your life through preparing for them. I speak from experience. I let go of the need to have someone and, within a few weeks, my celestial cohort and consort showed up.”

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