Appearance of Things

Sometimes parables, wise sayings and venerable utterings leave one with a sense of bewilderment. Perhaps they are designed that way. If we do live in illusion and the appearance of things – what does that really mean?

There is a Reality. We are the Reality. We don’t know it, though. It would seem we have an opportunity for discovery of something much greater than we can imagine, then. Where do we get our clues? According to this one, Kalu, they come through the quiet mind and from deep meditation.

Perhaps the illusion is the rapid-paced environment we think we live in today. Perhaps the advice - expectationreality is that it isn’t near as fast as it appears to be, our attention is diverted to so many things that it seems faster. Perhaps this is so.

The appearance of things presents opportunity for awareness, scrutiny and wisdom. We test, we analyze and hopefully we learn something about ourselves and the world around us, how they fit together better.

Expectations… We all have them. As much as we do to release them, there they are… in the little self. Our minds say, “We must have them in order to manage our world.” Our hearts say, “Let the moment flow, unimpeded by the little wills.” We are often stuck in the middle with ‘you’… our ‘other’ voice that offers the prudent path.