90-Days of Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching combines your intention and willingness for change with an action plan – goals with steps to reach them. Most of our clients are entrepreneurs who either want to become more innovative in their jobs, change careers or start their own businesses.

We’ve got the expertise to assist and lead you to achieving your dreams. You garner awareness, discipline, focus and the practical steps to achieve your goals and objectives. Single sessions are available, though consistency with coaching sessions over time always works best.

Here’s a summary of reasons why people initiate a coaching relationship:

  • To learn ways to self-motivate and stay on task
  • To develop rituals and routines that support goals
  • To increase self-awareness, self-confidence and empowerment
  • To make sustainable changes in behavior and results
  • To be more effective in personal and professional life
  • To identify barriers to progress and strategies to move past them
  • To learn how to minimize challenges and maximize strengths
  • To stop procrastinating and take action toward identified goals
  • To be more proactive and less reactive
  • To develop leadership skills
  • To enhance communication skills

Here’s options of what we will create:

  • 6-month Action plan – flexible, step-by-step with SMART goals
  • Personal Mission & Vision Statement
  • Career Goals and Objectives
  • Personal Video Statements

How much does it cost?

More importantly: What are you worth?

Six 90-minute* coaching sessions, bi-weekly in-person (best) Skype/Zoom meetings (better) or phone calls (good) and completed survey discussion (1st session) are included for a total of 7 sessions, just over 90 days normally. Want to be different and get results beyond the norm?? 

You will immediately receive a multiple-page Coaching Survey that is priceless for your goal setting process. This coach is a cut above, with a MA, MBA, Life Coach certification and decades of serving the small business community as a coach and workshop leader. Also a professional facilitator, he’s led multi-million dollar construction project teams to award-winning results, getting people, places and things to work together not just better… best.

You get 7 Sessions Total, survey analysis plus 6 more personally focused on your dreams and goals. You get access to me within minutes for critical discussions outside of your own head, giving the monkey mind a rest. It just works better that way.

We can also bill monthly, bi-weekly  or weekly  if you would like. You’ll get the survey after the first payment.

*Sessions can go 2+ hours on occasion.

Single sessions are available at $200 and include survey. Contact Zen for more.

Zen has been great! His innate insights have given me both knowledge and an inner understanding of myself. This has allowed me to see and feel things better as I navigate my life. This has helped me and those around me. Thanks Zen! ~ Kevin Fox, DC

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Consider the worth of an hour with any great mind in history. Yours is just as valuable. When you have an experience of the difference I can make, you’ll find the process is truly priceless. Making an appointment is easy, just click the button below.