Transformation for Change: 5-Week Course
July 28 - August 25, 2024

Transform Your Life: Embrace Change, Embrace Your Future

Are you ready to break free from the rut of routine and dive into a journey of self-discovery and empowerment? Introducing Transformation: A Guide for Change, your gateway to a life filled with purpose, growth, and fulfillment.

In just 5 weeks of 60-minute sessions, embark on a profound exploration of your true potential. Led by transformational coach Zen Benefiel, this course isn’t just about change—it’s about embracing it wholeheartedly. Through a carefully crafted curriculum, you’ll:

Discover Your Inner Strength: Unleash the power within you to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities with confidence.

Navigate Life’s Transitions: Learn proven strategies to navigate transitions smoothly and emerge stronger every time.

Cultivate Lasting Change: Develop habits and mindsets that support your personal growth long after the course ends.

Transform your life today with Zen Benefiel’s transformational coursework. Embrace change, embrace your future.

Upon registration, you’ll get a free copy of the workbook and recieve the Zoom link the week prior to the first session. I know you’ll love it!

Held on Zoom - Here's the Agenda

Week 1:

Opening Your Door to Fulfillment
  • Understand the concept of fulfillment and how it varies individually.
  • Explore the process of feeling and thinking to manage emotions and make better choices.
  • Learn to remove emotional blockages and ignite the imagination.
Lesson Plan:

Introduction to Fulfillment:

Discuss the definition and personal significance of fulfillment.

Introduce the concept of emotional transformation leading to fulfillment.

Analyzing and Managing Emotions:

Exercises in self-awareness and emotional management.

Group discussion on personal experiences with emotional blockages.

Journaling and Reflection:

Daily journaling assignments focused on emotional experiences and insights.

Group sharing and discussion of journaling insights.


Write a two-page reflection on a challenging emotional experience and the process of managing it.

Week 2:

Practice of ‘Letting Go’

Learn the importance of letting go of attachments to outcomes.

Practice synergizing breath with feelings to release emotional blocks.

Understand the role of the observer self in emotional transformation.

Lesson Plan:

Understanding Attachments:

Discuss the concept of attachments to outcomes and how they create emotional blockages.

Introduce the practice of letting go and its benefits.

Breathing and Emotional Release:

Guided breathing exercises to release emotional blocks.

Group practice and feedback.

Developing the Observer Self:

Exercises to cultivate the observer self and detach from emotional responses.

Group discussion on experiences and insights from the exercises.


Reflective journaling on experiences with letting go and observer self practices.

Write a two-page paper on how these practices have impacted emotional management.

Week 3:

Personal Leadership 

Develop skills in personal leadership and making conscious choices.

Understand values, morals, and ethics, and how they apply to personal and professional life.

Create a personal council of mentors for guidance.

Lesson Plan:

Values, Morals, and Ethics:

Discuss the definitions and differences between values, morals, and ethics.

Group activity to identify personal values and ethical dilemmas.

Making Conscious Choices:

Case studies and role-playing exercises on making tough choices in critical moments.

Group discussion on personal leadership experiences and challenges.

Creating a Personal Council:

Exercise to identify and visualize a personal council of mentors.

Group sharing of mentor choices and their perceived benefits.


Write a 750-1000 word paper on the personal council and how each member relates to personal growth.

Reflect on the process of making conscious choices and its impact on life.

  • Week 4:

Investigate through Inquiry 

Learn to distinguish between inner and outer motivators.

Understand the role of serendipity in achieving personal and professional goals.

Develop skills in creating serendipitous moments through inquiry.

Lesson Plan:

Inner vs. Outer Motivators:

Discussion on the difference between internal thoughts/feelings and external experiences.

Exercises to identify personal motivators and how they influence actions.

Creating Serendipity:

Exploration of the concept of serendipity and its role in success.

Group activity to recall and share serendipitous experiences.

Inquiry Practices:

Guided inquiry exercises to reconnect with life and create serendipitous moments.

Group discussion on insights gained from inquiry practices.


Write a 750-1000 word paper on an ideal transformation toward achieving a dream.

Reflect on the role of serendipity and inquiry in personal growth.

  • Week 5:

Programming Your Mind 

Learn to program the mind for serendipity and transformational change.

Develop a personal growth plan based on self-awareness and conscious choices.

Create a vision of a fulfilling and rewarding life.

Lesson Plan:

Mind Programming Techniques:

Discussion on the science of brain waves and peak performance.

Guided exercises to program the mind for serendipity and optimal experiences.

Personal Growth Plan:

Workshop to create a detailed personal growth plan using the techniques learned.

Group sharing and feedback on personal growth plans.

Visioning Exercise:

Guided visualization to create a vivid picture of a fulfilling life.

Group discussion on the visions created and steps to achieve them.

Final Assignment:

Write a detailed plan for personal transformation, incorporating insights from all lessons.

Reflect on the journey and future steps for continued growth.

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