Questions One So Deep – How Do We Ask?

brain storm

Perhaps the Harvest Full Moon effect…

Transformational Life Coaching is a lifestyle that continually causes me to go deep, especially in the mornings when I have my first cup of coffee. It is a time for reflection, considering the implications of my Zen Calendar quotes for the day and sharing tasty tidbits that flow from my fingertips with little effort.

So the stream of consciousness this morning has led to an interesting response I made to a post elsewhere. As I finished it became apparent (at least in my own mind) that it would be good to share here. Some questions were asked, but they seemed cursory still and I offered some food for thought. Good points were made, but I felt critical questions were still not being asked, so I offered some.

What is the depth of our evolving experience the leads us to our next evo-leap? How do we explore our own consciousness with respect to the awareness that it is such a small sliver of a much greater reality? Subjective views are many and demonstrate the effects of long-term exposure to limiting belief systems, mostly based in polarizing conditions that have been presented through the various systems throughout history.

We have little understanding of universal laws and order, yet we also acknowledge that they exist. How do we transcend our limited and limiting thinking about this greater reality of which we are only beginning to explore, let alone understand? Many attempt to offer answers yet, imho, there are questions about our nature, our design and our capabilities that go unasked.

So many experiences are nonlinear and non-local, which we have no solid foundations to understand yet. The process of time, which the intelligence we seek to understand seems to have a greater command, gives us the opportunity to distill and observe from salient moments. Some of those moments, in my experience, have led to profound engagements in realms of consciousness rarely available and to-date remain inarticulable for the most part.

No fear is elicited, yet the frequency of said moments requires the release of all attachments to the physical form. That is nearly impossible for most experiencers. I suppose once one has an NDE (for lack of a better), it becomes a little easier, but by no means without some resistance.

Opportunities are offered and doors open based on a couple of things; questions (after certain specifics of purpose are conveyed) and a willingness to ascend (a sensation that occurs during the process). The latter occurs at the speed of surrender, it seems.

Regardless of how we think about the connection, imho, it is about our relation-ships no matter the material. How we relate to our being, our knowing and our particular personal and collective growth in understanding our consciousness is perhaps the greatest discovery in process.

How have we been able to condense into these forms that cart us around from place to place? What drives us inward for answers? What drives us to explore our outer reality in an effort to find reflections and resonance from and with those inner discoveries? Hmmm….. 😉

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To BE or not to BE?

What does that question mean today? To Be or not to Be? Most of us are familiar with it, right? It is one of those conundrums still used for philosophical debate. It can be bantered about for hours in classrooms and yet the answer in the affirmative has profound effects on how and why we behave in relationships. The trickle-through into the business and commerce environment could be even more profoundly impacting on the state of our world.

Acquisition…. For many it has become the goal regardless of consequence, even when the world reflects the abusive scenarios that result. To BE or not to BE? That WAS a question that now, through the inquiry and shared wisdom of the ages, has resulted in a resounding ‘YES’ in the ultimate Actualization of Self – One who is a bridge for the connection and reunion of inner and outer worlds – a sublimely conscious BEing who works for the harmony among people and planet. That is the next stage of our human evolution, in this one’s opinion, coaxing the current chaos in the world to order and service.

How does that apply to a business model or commercialize into an organizational culture in today’s world? Many still think that compassion and consideration for others limits their ability to perform and produce. Yet, we have libraries full of documentation to the contrary. Great men and women have done more than leave a trail of breadcrumbs, they’ve left volumes of information that support the knowledge and wisdom of BEing in the world. How do we use it?

It is no longer a matter of whether we know what is good, the care and concern eachzen - wise ones individual deserves and the respect for our environment that allows its sustainability. It is a matter of BEing that choice, encouraging and inviting others to be demonstrative of that choice, that is key to our survival. There are no demons or malevolent spirits that cause poor choices, only contrary action from unfounded fears. Those fears exist as excuses for inappropriate behavior. Our knowledge and wisdom now moves us beyond those self-limiting states – the process of a wave of enlightenment created by this revealed truth is greater or lesser depending on our participation.

We know from Howard Gardner’s work that we have many more areas of educability through our multiple intelligences. We know from Peter Senge’s work that successful companies are Learning Organizations that include personal mastery, mental models, shared vision and team learning and utilize systems thinking. We know from Daniel Goleman’s work that understanding our emotions allows us to manage self and others better, revealing that happy people get more done with less supervision and participate at greater levels in company growth and performance. These components are all part of BEing.

What does this mean for the growth and sustainability of any company or organization? Does it even matter? Is the P&L still the primary focus? People are our greatest resource. Recent U.S. labor laws reflect that perhaps compassion and consideration are making a difference in consideration of salaried employees long hours and enforcement of this change in the workplace a result. It is a start and a sign of progress. Perhaps the continuing development of B-Corps will also have an impact, demonstrating that greater service to the community and world can be included in the vision and mission of companies today.

Where do you fit in? How are you and/or your company preparing for the future?