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dudley lynch, transformational life coach testimonial
Dudley Lynch

I consider Zen to be one of those superlative examples of what the human brain can store and serve up in unique and appealing ways at will on most any occasion or assignment. To say his range of knowledge and interests are “eclectic” is understatement. And this is what makes his services as a “possibilities coagulator” for his clients so valuable and  exciting.

Smart fellow! Great ally!  

Dudley Lynch, President – Brain Technologies, Inc.

Your Breakthrough Strategy Session

Would you like a short and stimulating way to achieve progress?

Are you ready for an adventure you will never forget?

ties inseperableAre you ready to crash through your barriers to success?

This 90-minute conversation is your breakthrough strategy session, designed to engage opportunities for you to have an evo-leap in your experience. It will stimulate growth and understanding of your present and future self – where you are now and where you want to be or go. Goal setting is easy from there.

I offer powerful suggestions and action items during our session regardless of our future coaching relationship. I’ll listen and reflect on things you may not even realize you display. You might even have a great ‘AHA’ moment, as many do.

I will facilitate the conversation, creating a safe and secure trust circle so you can feel able to communicate authentically. The more you fully disclose honestly, the better I can serve you.

“Do not hire Zen if you will settle for traditional guidance with no surprises. Don’t hire Zen if you merely aim to fulfill some education requirement. You see, Zen is no ordinary consultant or facilitator. Do you have any idea how rare it is to find this kind of genius — a distinguished guru who is a Gandhi-esque idealist and who also happens to have his feet firmly planted on the ground?” Jack Dermody

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To find truth, have no opinions.

Set up your breakthrough strategy session consult by letting me know more…

The 90-minute session is $135. You will get an extensive survey that you MUST fill out before our appointment.

I guarantee you will benefit. You’ll get a survey that will take you deep into your beliefs, life goals and motivations. That alone is priceless.

I’ll be notified and you’ll also be asked to send your phone number. We’ll do the session via Skype (ID: coach.zen) or Zoom. If can come to my office, we’ll do the session in person.

I’m available for brief 15-minute sessions at no charge. If you’ve arrived here and need an ear, I’m available. You can reach out to me below or just give me a call at 480-633-7179.

August 2006 – MJ in Scottsdale, AZ

My life coaching experience with Zen was amazing to say the least. Never have I met someone who can guide one through the delicate process of true personal transformation like he can. He is incredibly intelligent, wise, present, knowledgeable, and has the one true gift that you can find almost nowhere else…. real life experience. Whatever you do, budget some money to spend some time with this man – even one hour will be worth it.